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Happy New Year 2015!

By January 7, 2015Blog, Digital Art, Toys

Happy New Year! I just returned to Los Angeles after spending a wonderful holiday season with my family back in Northern Virginia. It was a lovely time but FREEZING cold! I guess it doesn’t really feel like Christmas unless it’s 30 degrees outside huh?

Looking back on 2014, the past year was full of growth for me as an artist. In February last year I started posting my artwork on Instagram (mjhsu), and the support I received from the art community, particularly the custom toy circle, was the most important inspiration for me to continually produce and improve upon my work. Thank you all so very much! I appreciate all of your comments and you make me a better artist!

My figure drawing skills have improved a lot this year as a result of daily sketch practice. As an example, here’s a comparison of mermaid illustrations from 2014 and 2013:

Mermaid Comparisons

I am still trying to get better, particularly on dynamism and perspectives. Life drawing is essential, and I also made it a habit to to bring my sketchbook almost everywhere I go, just in case I find a moment of inspiration. My favorite places to sit and sketch are at the surf beaches in Sunset and Malibu. There’s nothing like enjoying the sunshine, cool ocean breeze, and having nothing and nobody to bother you.

In proper New Year’s tradition, I have some resolutions! Here’s what you can expect from me in 2015:

  2. Digital Paintings
  3. Blog Posts at least once month (How To’s)

I really want to focus on customizing vinyl toys this year and setting up an online store to sell my work – coming soon I promise! Digital painting is my second priority because I have loved it since my cousin gave me my first Wacom tablet in high school, and I want to keep improving upon my skills. Admittedly, I have neglected my blog for a long time because I didn’t have a clear vision for it. For 2015, I really want to engage my viewership by posting personal art stories and How To’s. Many people have asked me about my techniques for customizing toys, I figure actually updating my blog with instructions would be a good way to answer everyone’s questions.

To close, here is a preview of my new customs for 2015!

Photo Jan 04, 10 15 18 PM_edit cropped