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Feminamorphe II Show

By February 24, 2017Blog, Events, Toys

Hello friends! This year I am striving to push my artistic skills and expand my range of toys/artwork. For my second group art show in 2017, I really want to show you what I am capable of.

A few of you may know that before I started my career in toy design, I was trained as a traditional painter. Since my debut into the toy world a couple of years ago, I have always wanted to go back to my roots in painting and illustration. With my new piece, Earth Mother, created for the Feminamorphe II show at Woot Bear, I combined my new toymaking skills with my old training.

Feminamorph II is a show curated by fellow artists Candie Bolton and Tasha Zimich. This is the second year that they have put together a show featuring all female artists. The theme for this year’s show asks each individual artist, “Where does your life and your practice intersect with the natural world?” I have always been inspired by the beauty of the female body, so I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate the artistic nude during this show. Nature has always been a consistent theme in my paintings because I believe that the most beautiful things occur in the natural world.

I hope that you like my new work, even though it very different from the toys I have made last year. You can see Earth Mother in person at the opening reception this Saturday, February 25, from 6-9pm.