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Aloha Lolligag Show

By March 17, 2017Blog, Events, Toys

Hi Friends!

I am so grateful to be invited once again by the Bombastic Fantastic duo to participate in another Lolligag show. The Vive La Lolligag Show in 2016 was my the first time I had exhibited any of my toy art in a gallery. So naturally, Lolligag holds a special place in my heart. This time, she has come back as an adorable hula dancer.

When I think of Lolligag’s character, she reminds of of childhood joy, playfulness, and bright colors. These themes inspire me to make art, so you may see that my custom Aloha Lolligag has similar color scheme and style to previous pieces I have created. For this upcoming show, I decided to give the toy a repaint only, instead of adding sculpted details like my last Lolligag piece. The Aloha figure is already such a beautiful toy with great lines of movement. I didn’t want to change her physical form in any way, and wanted to paint her in a way that would make the original toy shine.

The Aloha Lolligag show opens on March 25 at QPop Shop in downtown Los Angeles. I will be attending the opening reception, so if you are in the area please stop by and say hi!