Mei-Jean (MJ) Hsu is a Taiwanese-American artist who brings her childhood dreams to life

I always knew that art was a part of me. I fell in love with drawing before I learned how to write, and dreamed of being a “real” artist one day – an artist who was also a magical princess living in her own Wonderland filled with dragons.

But as I grew older, I felt pressure to groom myself into a more “realistic” profession. I dutifully studied subjects that I had no love for, but secretly yearned to be the bright-eyed artist I was as a child. After years of laboriously poring over dense textbooks, I decided to pursue art full-time. My quest to follow my heart led me to sunny Los Angeles, where I started MJ Hsu Art as an outlet for my creative energy. Here, I realized that I have always been a real artist, ever since my early years dreaming about magic and wonderlands.

My childhood memories and imagination are my biggest inspiration. They are so vivid and full of happiness. It was also the most creative time of my life. Imagination was unrestrained by physical reality. Emotions, whether happy or sad, were pure and honestly displayed.

My goal is to be the artist I saw in myself when I was young. When I create art, I first think of the memories and emotions I had as a child. I hope that you can find those memories in my work.


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