This is the second series of my Aquacorns – custom resin toys that I created using a 3″ Tokidoki Unicorno figurine as a base. I modified the original vinyl sculpt with Sculpey clay, then molded cast each piece in resin. Painted and sealed with acrylics.


Yuriko the koi mermaid is soft-spoken and a little shy, but friendly once she gets to know you. She can usually be found sunbathing next to her pond or reading a book in a Japanese tea garden.


Marius was once a great adventurer, but he got tired of moving from place to place all the time. He now lives in the shallow tide pools next to the ocean. Travelers along the coast can stop by his home and hear him tell stories of his past adventures.


Be sure to bring Kalua to your next luau because she is the life of the party! Her personality is as refreshing as a cool ocean breeze on a summer day. And when the music starts she just can’t help but dance!


Nebula’s favorite time of day is when the stars come out at night. An expert stargazer, she knows every constellation like the back of her tentacles, which comes in handy if she gets lost…which actually happens quite often since she’s always looking at the sky instead of where she is walking! Did I mention she can read your fortune too?


Born on a blue iceberg in the north, Skarsgård prefers freezing cold climates where he can go ice skating all year round. The only time he ventures out of his icy habitat is during the springtime, when he visits his friends in the tropical islands.


The two things Honey loves most in the world are beautiful flowers and sweet treats. On a typical day, she wakes up early to help her best friends (who are all bees) care for the garden, then takes a long nap in the afternoon after all the work is done. After that, she walks to the candy shop for a little dessert, chatting with anyone she meets along the way.

Renard & Beignet

Renard is bit of a goody-two-shoes, while is brother Beignet is a total rebel. Beignet has a tendency to run with the pirates, so more often than not, Renard ends up having to help him get out of a sticky situation. It might seem like they don’t get along at all, but they really can’t live without each other.

Nessie & Naia

Nessie and Naia are daughters of the Loch Ness Monster and live in their own lake. They’re not as big as their momma and MUCH friendlier to tourists. In fact, they love it when they get visitors! If you ever happen to find their secluded lake, they’ll treat you to some tea and pink cupcakes.